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At the Law Office of Brian W. Devane, Esquire, I - attorney Brian Devane - pride myself on being practical, honest and effective. When handling personal injury cases or criminal charges, my goal is always to get the best results possible for my clients given their situation. I do this through dedicated preparation, strong and respectful negotiation and skilled litigation.

Brian W. Devane

I began my legal career in 1990, clerking for a federal judge. From there I moved into private practice, opening my own law firm in 2008. Over the course of my 30-plus year legal career, I have developed a reputation in the community, with insurance companies and with prosecutors for providing skilled legal representation in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense and traffic ticket defense.

While my focus has always been on criminal defense, I have also been appointed as a special prosecutor over 30 times. This experience working on the side of the prosecution gives me a unique perspective when evaluating cases. I understand the issues involved - from both points of view - and have an in-depth understanding of the law.

I am also dedicated to the local community. I grew up in Albany, New York, and have been a resident of Bethlehem since the early 1990s. I coached my children's school basketball and baseball teams, and have also coached sports through the YMCA. I am a member of the Bethlehem Chamber of Commerce and supports Five Rivers.

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